Fatigue Risk Evaluation & Management Software

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Our Patent Pending technology automates fatigue risk assessment with a higher degree of accuracy to maximize safety results.

Other Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) currently use generalized estimations, assumptions, and self reporting to predict fatigue potential. Whereas we realize fundamentally everyone is different. How can results from generalized and assumed data points be considered accurate? Seems more like a gamble than educated mastery. Given todays advanced technology and the ability to unlock reality, why settle for anything less than the truth?

Pilot Fatigue         Operator Fatigue         Driver Fatigue         Pilot Fatigue         Pilot Fatigue         Conductor Fatigue         Conductor Fatigue         Driver Fatigue         Driver Fatigue         Driver Fatigue        

How does it work?...

  • Automated user profiling based on daily activity, heart rate, sleep times, sleep quality, circadian rhythm, age, and more.
  • Fatigue level prediction for any given point in time.
  • Current and past fatigue levels and trends.
  • Fatigue notifications to selective management personnel.
  • Reporting and trending analysis per user, group, department.
  • Scalable security access.
  • Global asset management via web portal, IOS app, Android app.

    Who is this for?...

    Any industry, profession, or trade where safety should be and is a primary concern. Our Fatigue mitigation system is an appropriate and cost effective solution to protecting not only your reputation, investments, and assets, but the most important asset of all, life.

    Commercial transportation, shipping, heavy machine operators, logistics, military, health care, aviation, personal, agricultural, mining, manufacturing, production, and so many others would benefit.

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